How much is the rent?

Answer: Please contact the Assistant Manager.

How much is the deposit?

Answer: A $250.00 refundable Security Deposit is required, in addition to first and last month’s rent.

Are utilities included?

Answer: Included are water and sewer. Tenant is responsible for electricity, garbage, phone, internet, cable.

Is yard maintained by tenants or Assistant Manager?

Answer: All yard maintenance (mowing, weed eating, weeding, watering, etc.) is the Tenant’s responsibility.

Are pets allowed? If so, how much are the fees?

Answer: Pets are allowed, with permission and approval. Tenants must obtain prior permission to keep pets within the Community and register them with the Assistant Manager. No more than three (3) pets are permitted per lot. The maximum size (weight) of dogs is forty (40) pounds. Dogs and cats shall be neutered or spayed. There are no fees. All pets must be kept in the home and on a leash while outside the home. Pets allowed to run wild will be removed from the property.

What is the screening fee?

Answer: The screening fee is $45.00 per adult. If the adults have the same last name, only one fee ($45.00) is required.

What do you look for in the screening?

Answer: We run a credit report, contact past landlords, employers and criminal record for the past seven years.

Are campers and boats allowed?

Answer: Campers, boats, RVs, cargo and travel trailers, inoperable, unlicensed, excessive and commercial vehicles are not allowed to be stored on the property.

Is there a restriction on how many vehicles I can have parked on the property?

Answer: Two per household.

May I change the oil of my auto or do other repairs?

Answer: No. Auto repairs are not allowed on the property, including oil change.

Do you require Renter’s insurance?

Answer: Renter’s insurance is recommended, but not a requirement.

What health care facilities are in the area?

Answer: Peace Health Hospital, Interfaith Community Clinic, Fairhaven Veterinarian Hospital (for pets).